My first blog!

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Hi guys! Here’s to my first blog, I’ll get started by telling you a little about myself! I’m 22, turning 23 next month! So excited about that, btw! I am a college professor, believe it or not! Most people don’t believe it because of my age. I teach Environmental Science, Business Communications, and Human Relations. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger so I guess I can say I’m living my dream at such a young age, which is such a blessing! Staying focused on your goals while staying humble at the same time, is a big priority of mine. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health at Long Island University. I graduated from LIU last year with my Bachelors degree and received a scholarship so I went back for my Masters degree! Family, education, happiness, love, and class are all very, very important to me. I have a  small number of close friends that I adore. My family is my everything however, there are only a select few that really matter. I’ve learned that most people aren’t who they really claim to be, which is very unfortunate. I am really excited to start my own blog! I would love to reach out to new people and learn more from others! I love being a teacher. Just the thought of knowing that I am able to teach new information to  students and being able to impact their lives in a positive way each day motivates me. I love helping others in any way that I can. Please leave your comments!! I look forward to reading comments and checking out other blogs!